My Mission:

The reason I particularly love neopaganism is its Intentionality.

You are made more aware of the symbolism and impact of everyday things and everyday actions. You use what’s available or seasonal. You connect yourself to those who came before by performing the same daily tasks of survival they did, in your own way.

I want to show people that you don’t need much to practice regularly. You don’t need special tools that are never used for anything else in order for them to be sacred. You don’t need to buy new or expensive things. They don’t need to be one of a kind objects blessed by monks on a mountain. You personally make them sacred by using them with intention.

Just about any craft or recipe can be made part of your pagan spiritual life by practicing Intentionality and Awareness.

About Lori:

This blog is run by an ecclectic, practical pagan named Lori, who lives in the PNW with her family. She uses this blog primarily as a place to put all the things she researches, and record all the projects and experiments.

Occasionally she is blessed with articles from her fellow pagan friends to post here as well.

Additionally, Lori vows not to place any kind of ads on this blog. She just wants to reduce clutter and capitalistic pollution. Some blogs need it for income and that’s respectful, but she’s going to avoid that particular avenue.